Tipsy Taco

If you wanted a plate in Mexico
We got you covered!

Spilling the beans
The Tipsy Taco is a more than a second kitchen from home to enjoy an authentic, mouthwatering Mexican plate. It’s all about being a familia (family), tradition and having a fiesta! The Tipsy Taco originally started in Fort Worth, Texas by two sisters that watched their grandmother, mother, and aunts lovingly prepare food for family events. They were inspired to learn how to cook Mexican cruises for friends and got inspired to share their delicious family recipes to the locals. Each plato (plate) is made freshly right as soon it was ordered, no frozen enchiladas here! Not only is our dishes really delicious, our speciality drinks and non-alcoholic beverages will always make you asking for a refill.

With the help of our loyal customers, the restaurant began to grow not only in popularity, but in size. Tipsy Taco started off as a small patio, now the seating capacity grew from the 20 tables to well over 200!